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MY MOTIVATIONAL UPDATES ON FACEBOOK FOR AUGUST 2013 - see how it has blessed lives...

31st August:
When men pray to God for money, He answer in several ways with respect to their dream-size. Some He answers with a job to do, others with an idea, a vision and energy to create a job. It is still God that gives both but what you receive of Him is based on your decision.

Now, can you help us enlarge that dream? Decide to create a job and relentlessly go for it. What you can achieve has not yet manifested. Let the greatness within speak! You aren't meant to be a Worker, you are a Co-creator - act like it.
30th August:
There's a level of joy you get when you become a voice for the voiceless-those that were intimidated and denied their fundamental human right.

This is the change we want in Naija. What can we stake for peace to reign? We can!
26th August:
It was an African Service. But I needed to know why Africa and her people are still poor despite the rich human and natural resources at their disposal. For until we discover where, when and how we missed it, we may never find where and how to find it or get along with the ones we've got already.

What's it that is standing between our Thoughts and our Realities that sometime makes it seemingly difficult to be the good we think?

Well, I suggest ALL Africans who wants change should go into HYPERTHINKING, for that's what is needed to cross the potential barrier.
I'm proud of my colour, I'm proud of our uniqueness and I'm proud to be an African, a Nigerian and a Me.
24th August:
You don't need a white-collar job to survive. Funny enough, we don't need all these certificates to become successful. Although they are good for good reasons. You need a lively DREAM, a VISION and a REVELATION from God backed up with adequate action plan and discipline buried in a cult-like spirit called Principle.
24th August:
Dream as high, wide and big as you wish. It is entirely priceless. Don't settle for less. Don't aim for small things. And don't let the world dish you the wrong card. You owe it to yourself to either fail or succeed. Confess positive things about yourself and open up your mind-eye so that you catch the unimagined realities and revelation that will change your life. There's something special in you which I want you to discover this weekend.

My every weekend discoveries have changed my life and I know it can as well change yours.
23rd August:
Everyone who has discovered how to sell and when to sell must be a good earner. Often times selling a product becomes easier for people as compared to selling themselves but that's a secret I'm good at demystifying. Maybe we book a date to charge your organisation just like God helped me achieve it in my Youth Ministry.

People who use to book one business are now booking two and more, and those who weren't engaged in any way have now pierced their products into the market.
There's indeed "no limit to what we can achieve."
20th August:
Identifying the point in time where you function at your peak is what guarrantees your fast and repeated success in life. How does this work? It works by doing over and over again those things that yielded the desired result in the past.
19th August:
The following are things people who are considered idiots do to succeed in leadership;
1. They think God, not Gold.
2. They believe and thus receive the power to succeed.
3. They catch unimaginable revelation which turns out to be a hot-cake.
4. They meticulously set goals which only networking with others can help them achieve. By so doing they attract God and the host of humanity to work in their favour.
5. They think service
6. They play by the Golden Rule.
7. They know little about everything.
26th July:
    The difference between the Rich and the Poor, Men of Productivity and Men of Activity, the goodly informed and the badly deformed is their usage of TIME.

Make the best use of it.

How Cultures are Developed - the Success-yielding Routine

You must be careful, very careful indeed. I don't often use this word but in this case, I will have to do that because this is an issue that affects your dream, your career and everyone connected to your destiny. If you fail at it you might as well be initiating another form of generational punishment. Many looks up to you. Many are connected to you. You are not alone and you must not think me, myself and I.

But that does not overwrite the fact that you must be careful of who you spend your time with, your money on and how you do it. This is because our sub-conscious minds are intrinsically programmed to accept to be right/good/true anything we give so much attention to. This is how strongholds called culture is formed. I believe you know that better than I do. So, are you set to set a new platform? Set a new ROUTINE. Follow that routine that will birth your miracle as though your whole life is bent on it. This is what every successful person know how to do best. King David was a typical example, he touched the heart of God through habitual Praise and Worship. For you, do you have a routine if steadily followed can lead to a magnificent result? Or are you ready to develop one NOW? Mine is to start writing one new Book every month, a minimum of two articles every week, attend a minimum of one Business Summit every month, reduce my expenses to a fixed amount every week (in that case I budget for every week and insist I obey it), read one book every week, attend my lectures, I gradually pay off all my debts and many more which I can't state here. This is because I aim at Success. I want to be like my Creator who called me to be a Co-creator.

Develop a Think-tank, a Dream board and a Rugged mind. Your mind is your creative organ. Use it wisely. Don't forget my T.H.E. J.C. 3P Principle of Thought. That was what set me on course. You can get the detail of that Principle in my Book, the paper and audio copy - DELIVER YOUR FUTURE AND REPACKAGE YOURSELF FOR THE YEAR.
God Bless You.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013



(The New Things about the New Year)

The opportunity to be alive in the New Year is not just an opportunity for more years to be added for you or for your loved ones not to have reason(s) to cry but because you have a mission you have not concluded in the previous years which your Maker wants you to accomplish. God didn’t keep you alive for no reason. There’s a prophecy hanging over your neck which must manifest, there’re destinies connected to you which must not be frustrated and they are dreams and aspirations of your heart which has not come to pass. And it is only the grace to be among the Living that can naturally cause those things (prophecies, destinies, dreams and aspirations) to be a reality and enter your hand.

Your mission for 2012 which were not accomplished was never waved because the old year was gone; your mission was carried over for you into the New Year. What you are facing now is a compendium of missions to be accomplished. If you never had a clear-cut plan of what you will deliver in the New Year, start planning now. Although it may look too late to be planning now when you ought to be executing, but the truth is that it is never too late to start, it is never too late to win and it is never too late for a miracle.

Stop the belief system that tells you that 2013 can deliver anything good on its accord. Naturally, nature (the physical and unseen being that be) is never friendly with any man and that’s the reason why you must contend for what are yours in the New Year. Exercise your super-being character unless you are satisfied with the little – ground state level. If you sit in silent you die in silence. Folding your arms to watch things happen will not help matters, although things may happen but it may not be the things you wanted.

Nothing is new as it has to do with the year-figure-2013 except that it is a year we’ve never seen before. Every New Year is an opportunity to do those things you were unable to do in the previous years, celebrate each seasons and times like you never did before, enjoy and extract the rudiments in every moment like you never did and appreciate God for the next dimensions He’s taking you to. 

Each New Year comes with a repetition of opportunities and what you get out of life in the New Year is not a function of the New Year itself but a function of the plans you had in place. 2013 is just a number, it is just a calendar and it is just another year. I made my research and came out with a logical conclusion and agreement with many that because we are in the New Year does not make the number of hours in the days of the year to either increase or decrease.

In this year 2013, God will open your eyes to see opportunities, God will help you grab opportunities, God will help you utilize opportunities and God will help you discover the gain in every pain, the gain in every risk and the result and insight in every insult. Things you did and failed before as you sail back at it again in the year 2013, you will succeed. In every venture, difficulty and discomfort zone, you will learn new professional business tricks and strategies from them. A play-back as in a home video will be played for you to see and observe where you sailed to in the previous year(s), why you sailed in that direction, how you sailed and why you either failed or succeeded. This will serve as potential bedrock to helping you make a perfect decision because until you find out where you missed it, you may never know where you will find it. Until you find out where you sailed to and failed before, you may never know and find where you will succeed and continue to be in good success.

A Host of countless angels has strategically been positioned to fight your unseen battles but you must be set to face every other battle that will come to unleash the giant in you. Get set to capture a territory because you can’t be crowned a King without a kingdom. The territory of your kingdom could be a skill or talent. Your faith, your skills and your talents are instruments in the hand of God to deliver to you that which you desired.

Lack No Solution Necessary for Getting Quality Customers’ Patronage.
Each of us meets with customers every day whether in the Markets, Schools, Government offices, or personal establishments. For too long now, they have always known you as a person who supply or make available to them one product or the other but in this New Year I want you to change their perception of who you are – translating your assistance from offering a product into offering a solution. 

Repackage your sales approach. Customers are not interested in a product per say, but they are interested in the solution they can derive from that product and the platform at which the product was served. No matter how packaged and nurtured a product could be, if it fails to deliver the core purpose of being called a product its usefulness is a waste. The quality of a product is dependent on the solution which the product represents.

Price may mean everything to one customer, while availability might be the deal-breaker to another. You often can't know which issue might be driving a customer's decision. You must ensure you don’t lack anything necessary in repackaging yourself in the year 2013.

Executive Director & Founder                                                                                                          Emchis Motivational Network



The popular saying has it that ‘you cannot feature in the future you can’t see’. This word is to help you buckle-up or brace-up to the reality that your future is a product of what you engage yourself into on daily basis. If you must see your future and enjoy its reality, you must start learning how to feature in it. Your daily decision counts more than anything else in determining who you want to become in the future and if you actually became the man of your dream. Your daily decision is like a brazing arrow pointing into your tomorrow. People who are good predictors do well in it because they were able to study individual’s daily decisions.

In the future of every man on earth is emptiness yearning to be filled. It is like an empty container which either remains perpetually closed if not opened or perpetually opened if not closed. The future can’t on a mere note be predicted except the things you open and drop into it or the people you allow to drop into it. You can project the desired results you wanted into your future – it’s possible. This is why you must be careful of what you project into it. Nothing else, man or woman, old or young can predict and get it accurately of what your future will be except the people you give room(s) to do.

Our daily activity is a direct way of projecting specifically the things we want to see or make happen in the future. You can decide what your future will look like today by deciding within the ‘real you’ if your daily activities are worth being proud of. As you made this transition from the year that will never repeat itself again into the New Year, you were infused with the power to decide what happens. Your character, your kinds of friends and your believe system are things that manipulate your decisions and by working on them to achieve a positive result, you can be sure of delivering the future you have been called to deliver. Using these manipulative approaches negatively will also fetch you a result but the type of result you may live to regret. When your decisions become soiled, you unknowingly open the cover to this container for all manner of dirty to be projected into it and by using it negatively in another direction, you keep the container shut forever which you will end up to meeting it empty.

Deciding to keep the container shut is a deadly risk because you will end up meeting a future full of weeds and microbes. Some people will prefer to remain silent than to remove all doubts so that they will be thought while others will decide not to step out so that they won’t step down. If you can consciously and consistently persist, the more step downs you experience, the higher your level when you succeed to be at the top. It is not always easy to practice although easy to say because I have severally been tempted but it is possible to handle. I am not talking boldly the way I do because it is easy but because I know it is possible. 

People who are afraid to step out or make mistake are simply afraid of risk. Remember, taking the wrong risk is foolishness but taking the right risk is wisdom and the key to unlocking the gate to the temple of an unending wealth.  King Solomon never knew that such a-day-sacrifice would fetch him the wisest man that ever lived yet he went ahead to do that. There’s no doubt that risking outside God is risky but risking in God is gain for those that risk in God will ultimately rise in life. What God did for King Solomon was not just a gift but He opened a spiritual temple where wisdoms (for wealth, for decision, for counsel, for rulership e.t.c) were stored such that he could get everything he wanted.

It is time to deliver the future (this future comprises of those things you want to make happen that has not happened and may not happen if not forced to happen). The ideologies of sealing up your decisions in your heart with the word ‘I know what to do’, yet you have not done anything cannot help matters any longer – it is time to step out into action. You have dwelled at the planning table for too long, it is time for action. You don’t savage the future by sealing up this container but by consciously making sure that the right items are projected into it. 

Arraign those of yours goals which you carried over into the New Year. If you really did your best to make it happen and it didn’t happen, now is the future you hopefully relented to with the thought that it will happen. To many reading this, the New Year to them is the future they have always dreamt of. What we call ‘tomorrow’ is what we will later change to be called ‘today’. 

The problem with overlooking the future is that when you hit face-to-face with the newest challenges, you succumb into marrying the fantasies of your past. People marry their past because they lacked solutions that will make the future which is today worth living for. When you are bent on marrying your past you begin to lack courage – the courage to say what you mean and mean what you said. The most little success you once encountered starts fading off till they become mere ghosts in the annals of histories. When you invest nothing, you get nothing. You can reap where you didn’t sow but you can’t reap what you didn’t sow and an understanding to this, is what decides what you will get out of life.

The future is a property worth investing into. Until you stand up to deliver your future, no one else can. No one else can do it exactly the way you would have. Your uniqueness is needed in savaging your future. Until you start taking conscious bold steps towards achieving the desires of your future, you will end up meeting same emptiness. From this early season now, start aspiring to acquire those things you have always desired through your attitude of doing the required. Don’t hold the bow too long again, start projecting the arrow being tactful to observe that it hit-down those wrong things you’ve being seeing waging war against the future you wished to possess.

NO one not even the devil has access into this container (the future) but what he does is to deceive you to carelessly drop rubbish into it.

EMENIKE EMMANUEL (MSP)                                                                           Executive Director&Founder                                                                           

Friday, 30 November 2012


                                                   Desire: The Best Way To Start

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. 
Keep this constantly in mind.
Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small
 fire makes a small amount of heat.” 
 Napoleon Hill
When you intend to start up something that is worth awhile, you must have the strong desire to start as this has remained the starting point of every achievement. Hoping and wishing will make no sense to acquiring what you desired. Whatever business you plan to go into requires a pulsating desire to transcend above.
Before you planned going to school, have you ever desired to be educated? Before you planned studying medicine, have you ever desired to be a medical doctor? Before you planned going to Bible School or any Ministerial School, have you ever desired to preach the gospel? Before you planned applying for a job, have you ever desired to work? Amongst other discoveries as will be stated later is that the lack of desire is because many people strive to live on another person’s dream – they live they whole life trying to fulfill the dreams of their parents, uncles or siblings. Know this; when you live trying to fulfill someone’s dream, you lack the desire to start yours.
Imbibing an all-consuming desire to succeed demand several factors such as;
1.      Commitment
Commitment is a very vital tool to succeeding in your desires. Nothing can possibly stand on your way beyond the limit you are committed to allow it.
For any desire to succeed, you must be committed to everything that’s able and capable to make it work.

2.      Living a Purpose-driven Life
Definiteness of purpose remains the starting point for all success — the man who knows exactly what he wants… has no difficulty in believing in his own desires and ability to succeed. Napoleon Hill said; “if you think you can you are right and if you think you can’t, you are also right”. What drives people differ from individual to individual and for your desires to end in fruitful result, you must live on purpose. Don’t do things that will slow the speed towards achieving that business you intended to start.
3.      Being Focused
Your direction in life is controlled by what you desire. If you don’t desire anything strong enough to keep on course, you will be easily distracted because life comes with a whole lot of things that will distract you from getting started and when you give in to it, you give up on yourself then life will now offer you a goal to fight for. A friend of mine, Peace Kalu said; “life is like a farm land, whether you cultivate it or you don’t, something must definitely come out of it”. Being focused is the only way of initiating what grows out of your life. When you are focused, you don’t lack direction at every point in your life but when you lack focus towards where you are going, you end up finding yourself where you never liked to be.
4.      Information (Being Knowledgeable)
The desire to be successful is what everybody craves for but many lacks the obsessive spirit to become because they lacked information on how to start. If you lack information, you will produce a deformed desire. If you lack information, you will keep awake over a negative and most times an unfruitful desire. For your desires to succeed, learn new things every day to make it work.
5.      God
The God-factor is a very important factor in initiating a successful desire. Nobody succeeds outside God but everybody can succeed in-and-with God. The Bible said; “in everything you do, acknowledge Him and He will make your way prosperous”.
Involving God in every little detail of your life is a way of asking Him to work on the abundance of your heart. When the abundance of your heart is at right, your heart desires positive things and your mouth speaks good. Your life takes up a new meaning when God is involved. New meaning includes good starting; it includes good success in business and a fruitful end.